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Address:          8, Migombani, P.O. Box 871, Zanzibar

Phone:              Country & Area Code: [255-24] 2232711, 2230720

Fax:                  +255 242230001

E-mails: ,

Working hours: Monday-Friday-09:00-17:30 hrs (Lunch 1330-1400 hrs.)

Consular hours: 09:30-11:30 hrs (for submitting applications) & 15:30-16:30 hrs (for collection of serviced documents)

Time Difference: IST(-) 2 2/1 hours

After office hours/Emergency Contact Number: +255 754540949



Name & Designation




Consulate General of India, Zanzibar

Consul General - Dr. Kumar Praveen

+255 24 2231904
+255 24 2232711


Shri Shabu K George
Vice Consul

+255 24 2232711


Shri N. Haokip
Vice Consul

+255 24 2230720

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